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The stuffs that I can't afford to forget or loss if I want to keep myself alive and on track with the dreamventure.

Passport, on top list of course. It's the end of my life without it (LOL).
My comfty travel backpack- my mobile closet.
DSLR camera to keep every trip documented in still memories that my small mind can't contain.
The enduring lappy and phone to keep in touch with the rest of the world wherever thy feet brings me.

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Explore Life. Live it!

life in itself is an adventure...

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I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move.

~Robert Louis Stevenson

Not all of us are given the opportunity to set foot on new lands. Though most, if permitted, would always grab the chance to go somewhere else and experience life on another angle.

When I was a kid, I remember how we hovered from one place to another to keep pace with my father's work. Perhaps the most memorable was when we lived in a compound inside a correctional facility. A great walled and heavily guarded gate keep up the front view of the facility. I imagined then that it was just a facade to show power and security and might. That idea crossed my mind since on the back row is a free and wild view of the great outdoors- towering mountains, a river, a piece of lot for farming and the lush greens that goes beyond to where my eye meets the end of horizon. No walls, no limits, free.

It was then that I've started dreaming a life of exploration. Contrary to the bounded life of the inmates of the correctional facility, I started setting a course inside me to a life of adventure on uncharted territories.

I am Icko del Rosario Moyoko, a Filipino (with Japanese lineage) , 23 , single. After completing my university life, I started out living on my own. It's the first time that I would live separately from my parents as whole my life I was with them and never got the chance to experience living alone like my brother and sisters who studied in another cities.

Although a nurse by profession, I am currently working for an American BPO company in the Philippines. The pay is good and is lot higher than pursuing a nursing career in this newly developed Asian country. Thus , I am able to provide for my basic needs to survive a metropolis living, got my own apartment in a cozy village and sustain my trips and "dreamventures" .

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